Monday, 11 October 2010

Good to get away... and good to come home!

I have two things to share today.

First of all, we've been away on holidays. Down to Brissy (Brisbane) to catch up with family. And a lovely time was had by all - t'was fun enough for the kids and relaxing enough for me. :-)

While we were down there, I was able to visit my little sister's new townhouse apartment. I'd seen it in pictures but it really was great to actually
be there. She is very proud of it, of course (it's the first home she's purchased), and loved having us over and showing us around.

And what did I see as I climbed the stairs to the living room? What was waiting for me, draped across the couch, looking comfy and welcoming?

My (I mean,
her) Event Plaid blanket!

I did say I'd share a photo of it
in situ, didn't I?

Well, here it is! Looks fabulous, if I do say so myself!

My sister says she loves curling up under it at night, in front of the telly. Checks email on her laptop, on the couch, blankie over her legs. It is actually getting USED, which I think is awesome. I would hate to think of it being kept in the linen cupboard because "it is too special for every day" - NO! - that would be a big, big WASTE! So good on you for using it, Sis! Spill coffee and cookie crumbs on it! It is washable, after all.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, but I think you can see that I was so pleased to see it in its rightful home, being used and loved. It felt really good to see that.

My sister was happy to pose with the blankie, but then she got a little camera shy! :-)

Anyway, after all the fun and relaxing of our trip down south, it was time to head back to the tropics and get ready for the new school term (groan!). Was feeling a bit un-excited at the thought of holidays ending and chaos resuming, so I must say it was very nice indeed to arrive home to a parcel from the U.K.

A parcel from the U.K.? Ooooohhhh! I know what that is: it's a parcel of goodies from Sue at The Quince Tree!

I won a give-away, you see. It was most exciting as I almost never win anything! And what a lovely lot of goodies Sue was giving away - all to celebrate the 100th post on her blog. (It really is such a lovely blog by the way, full of colourful crochet and lovely food ideas and recipes. If you haven't stopped by her way, I thoroughly recommend that you check it out.)

So I opened the parcel and found it full of little wrapped items. My kids found this sooooo exciting, so I was able to act all excited with them (which was good because I actually WAS really excited).

And in the parcels we found these:

Lovely smelly soap, chocolate from Cornwall that is just DIVINE, a bundle of Sue's beautiful mini-cards (which were made from a collection of her stunning photography), and - best of all - a lovely string of rainbow, crochet BUNTING!

I'm not normally a frills'n'fancies home decorator - I don't fill my home with ornaments and excess cushions and frills and trims, I'm far too practical for all that - but I do make an exception for bunting. (And paper chains, when children are involved.) Bunting is just so cheerful and festive, don't you think? I made some paper bunting for one of the children's bedrooms, but this string of crochet triangles will be perfect in the other bedroom. In that bedroom my little girl has quite a wide window, and - what do you know! - it fits across it beautifully!

I'm finding that I turn my head every time I pass her room; I can't help but look through her open door at that cheerful string of flags and smile to myself as I walk by...

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear friend, Sue! I think it is so kind and generous and wonderful that you would send me such lovely things half-way around the world. And congratulations on 100 posts - here's to many, many more.

It was a lovely, cheerful thing to come home to.

Now it's got me thinking about making some crochet bunting of my own...

Just as soon as I finish the half-a-dozen projects I'm working on at the moment! :-P

Or maybe I could just dabble a little bit with the idea tonight... ;-)

*sigh*... I like starting projects so much more than finishing them!

See you soon with more news on all those projects,
In the meantime, happy hooking,
Caz :)


  1. wow, your event plaid blanket looks rather divine! i know what you mean about starting new projects, i'm a bit the same. lovely gifts in the mail too. thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. What a very cheerful post to wake up to . Our worls is full of lists ands excitement at the moment as we are planning a trip to your lovely country next year. Our daughter is on her way to Brisbane this Friday !!
    Love Linda

  3. Ooo lovely surprise. I'd love to see your wips I could use some inspiration.

  4. Wow! The blanket loves wonderful. I know what you mean about it being used. I have two ripple blankets that live on my couch and get used all the time. I love that...but my biggest thrill was seeing my young nephew pick the blankets up to make cubby houses with :)

    And as for that parcel, you lucky, lucky thing! That bunting is simply gorgeous :)

  5. What a lovely post. Your blanket looks gorgeous on your Sisters sofa and parcels in the post are the best :)

  6. How exciting to see something I made on the other side of the world! I'm so glad you liked your prizes Caz.

    Your plaid blanket looks stunning x


  7. Hi caz,
    i just simply love your blog ,[ which i found few weeks back thoo ].
    i am not new to crochet , as i learned that from my grand mom ,many years back ,but yes the art of crochet was able to progress from baby to teen stage and since the begining of this blessed year ,that picked up the speed and ,and now i keep crocheting ,thaanx to all my friends on blogyland .
    congratulations to you as your blog is ayear old and wish many more to come .
    the plaid balkie look so warm and cuddly.
    also congrats fro wining sue's give away
    please do visit me some time

  8. Hi Caz, Love seeing your blanket in situ :0)
    It matches your sisters sofa perfectly and looks amazing !!!
    Lucky you ,winning Sues giveaway, I love Sues blog too , and your bunting looks gorgeous .
    Jacquie x

  9. Wowee - the event blanket is a perfect match for your sisters couch - it has certainly found its home.
    Hoped you missed the rain and flooding

  10. What a lovely post. your blanket is beautiful, appreciated and used. won a giveaway.

  11. Lovely blanket, congrats! I had to really read through how you made it...very interesting and inspiring :)