Thursday, 14 October 2010

Christmas Bunting! A (sort-of) pattern!

Well, after yesterday's bunting post, I found I couldn't be stopped! It's Crochet Bunting City here!

I feel so excited and on such a high of creativity - want to know what I've gone and done now?

I've invented a new kind of bunting! Christmas Bunting!

What do you think?

Again, this is not actually my own invention - I can only take credit for the clever-combination. :-) It's a mix of clever patterns and ideas from other clever blogsters.

In fact, it's the same lovely ladies that I mentioned yesterday - Michelle from The Royal Sisters
and Alice from Crochet with Raymond!

The star is from The Royal Sisters - it's from the "Granny Star Hexagon" tutorial.

I was making some of these a few weeks ago with the idea of joining them into a ... I don't know... maybe a table runner?... something. Just trying things out, really. I made the star part in this amazing gold thread that I found in Spotlight, and then I tried adding the extra rounds in a cheerful Christmas red.

Anyway, last night, I was looking at those stars and thinking... if they are six-sided, couldn't they be turned into something three-sided?

Then I was looking at Alice's blog (Crochet with Raymond) and I saw, on her new bunting pattern, what has she done? Started with a centre made from six clusters! And then she made that into a three-sided triangle!

So, yes, it can be done! Thanks, Alice! :-)

So I took my lovely gold star, and started creating granny-triangle rounds.

Following the Granny Tree pattern on the Royal Sisters, I used groups of four double-crochets (UK trebles), not the traditional three. This actually worked well because that covered the gold chains around the star better than a group of three, as those chains are rather long (5 chains stitches, from memory).

Then when I was happy with the number of rounds, I edged them following the Granny Tree pattern again. But at the tip I added a little picot again. (This is an idea that I got from Crochet with Raymond and I mentioned this in my last post - apologies for the repetition!).

And suddenly, there before me, was this very fancy, very special-looking Christmas-y bunting! Well, it looked fancy and special and Christmas-y to me, at least! :-P

Yes, I do feel rather proud of my special Christmas bunting and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

So if you want to make one of your own, pop over to The Royal Sisters and have a look at her Grandma Star Hexagon tutorial, and then combine that with her Grandma Tree tutorial. If you're not sure how to turn six clusters into a triangle, have a look at Alice's bunting pattern on Crochet with Raymond - her photos make it nice and clear. And before you know it, you'll have yourself some Chrissy bunting like mine!

(I don't feel that I can put the pattern here, can I? Since it's not really my own - it's a combination of others... you know what I mean? But these blogs are just a click away - just follow my links. They are great blogs with lots of great ideas and the photo-tutorials make everything super-easy.)

And, if you try this, please let me know how you get on! What else did you make that was similar? The possibilities are ENDLESS! Cool, hey? I Never Knew. ;-)

Have fun and happy hooking!
Caz :)


  1. Looks great! that's the beauty of crochet - the way you can mix and match patterns

  2. I am loving your Christmas bunting, it looks lovely. I have been using the Royal Sisters granny twinkle pattern tonight making lots for bunting along with lucy in the attics snowflakes. Got to get lots done to sell at the Christmas fayre :)

  3. I think it is really pretty and I believe you've created your own pattern now.

  4. This is just gorgeous...
    And by all means put up your own tutorial...
    That is what patterns are all about...
    Reinventing and added bits from here and there...
    I love your new idea...
    Regards Michelle...

  5. WOW...
    i love your Christmas bunting, Great Work!
    This really looks so beautiful - just great.
    Congratulations and many Greetings from Germany,

  6. wow, love them! clever girl, so when will you write your own tutorials?? just in time for christmas too.


  7. Wow.. I "never knew" you had this blog before!.. Good morning and nice to meet you! I love to crochet too, and love all these buntings!.. I would love to try the little granny trees too! Reading back, your work is beautiful. I loved the Lucy Bag you made, and thought the picture of your daughter, with all her hair clips, was adorable!.. A little fashion diva already!!... I'm now a follower, and look forward to visiting again! ~tina

  8. Oh how beautiful they are! You are doing fabulous things!

  9. Really christmassy with the gold star on red :))
    I thought of making some buntings too, for an upcoming christmas market. Just need some time!