Monday, 13 September 2010

Event Plaid - TA DAH!

Extreme close-up of extreme weaving!

Yes! It's finished! Yay!

It is so true what the other blogsters said: it is only once you finally pull through that last row of weaving, stand back and look at it, that you can really see it. And then you think WOW.

It was all worth it.

So worth it.

It looks GREAT!

Well, actually, it looks like an ordinary blanket! LOL :-D Not at all like crochet.

But that's good, because my sister wouldn't want any vintage, granny-esque crochet in her lovely new place. Her new home is very modern and minimalist and I think a granny square on the sofa would look so... well, wrong. But this won't. This looks like a lovely soft, woven blankie. Perfect for carefully-draping-so-it-looks-casually-thrown over the back of the sofa. And also perfect for curling up under while watching a bit of late night telly.

I will be down in Brisbane in a couple of weeks so I will be able to give it to her then. I'm so excited!!

So, anyway, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

You want to see?

Here it is!


Do you love it? I sure do. I hope my sister does, too.

When I finally finished weaving, I knotted all the ends. I tied each end with its neighbour, if you get what I mean, so that each tassel had four strands:

Then I trimmed them all to the same length - about 12 cm long. I found it a little tricky to keep it even, but I think it's worked out okay. (I also need to worry less about such things. :-) )

Now all that's left to do is give it!

Once I've visited her place in Brissy, I'll share a photo of it in situ
, in her actual home, on her actual couch.

That'll be really cool.

If you have any questions about the pattern or how I managed to wrangle it, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I'm only too happy to help.

And don't forget to visit the blogs where I first got the inspiration: these posts at
This Life and Laughing Purple Goldfish. As I mentioned in this post, these lovely ladies explain the whole process very well, and their blankets are most excellent, so check them out!

One more photo, on our bench, on our front verandah, to help you get an idea of the size: :-)

Well, thanks for sharing my Ta-Dah with me. I don't know many people around here who would understand my excitement quite the way that you, my lovely readers, do. :)

Til next time,
Have a happy, hooky day,
Caz :)

P.S. Laughing Purple Goldfish's current blog can be found
here. The link to her Event Plaid post (above) takes you to her older blog. Both are worth a look and I think the newer one links to the older one - somehow! C :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wonderful job. Will you be wanting to make another soon or did it flat out tire you out like some projects do?

  2. It looks great! I love, love this pattern. :)

  3. woow it's fantastic! sooo beautiful! Is the pattern easy to follow?

  4. wonderful so clever. She will love it.

  5. This is beautiful. Your sister will love it!

  6. Just found you from Crochet with Raymond. That blanket is amazing, and as you say, not a bit like crochet! The ta-dah moments are great aren't they? Penny x

  7. The blanket is amazing, how long did it take to do? I am supposed to be making a blanket for a xmas gift and I love the style of yours.

  8. It is gorgeous. The final look is so different from what I expected, it really does look like a woven blanket like you said.
    Well done your Sister is going to be thrilled with it xxx

  9. Looks AMAZING Caz - Well done!!!

    I am seriously impressed, don't think I would have the patience for the weaving part.

    Hope your sister loves it too.

    So now....what's next??

    Emma x

  10. What a fantastic job you have done!!

  11. Wauw wauw wauw!!! This blanket is amazing!! It's so perfect!

  12. Oh wow Caz! It's not at all like I imagined! It really does look like a normal wooly blanket! Well done, it's just awesome and your sister will love it AND the meaning behind it!
    I have edited my dyeing post just for you at the bottom! I'm sorry if it's not specific enough but I had a team of fibre experts telling me what to do and when so I just followed orders!
    Oh, and I forgot to say it has to be pure wool to get the best results.
    Hope to see your efforts on here soon!

  13. Hello! Your blanket is really fantastic! What a great way to make crochet blanket to look so different! Wishes from Crete Teje

  14. Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog. I'm glad you did - always nice to find fellow crocheters. That blanket is amazing!
    And what a lovely place you live in - happy memories of Airlie Beach from my backpacking days!

  15. WOW is right!! Well done! Such patience and talent Caz.....if your sister doesn't want it.....but why wouldn't she.....I see a few people here who would take it in a flash....
    Thanks for the visit today.....and have a great trip to your sister when you go.....
    take care

  16. It turned out wonderfully! Fantastic job!

  17. Oh, my! This just blows me away! The weaving & crochet combined do indeed give it a minimalist look that is just so, so keen! I love it. Perfect colors & perfect plaid pattern for a pErFeCt afghan!

  18. This looks so really wonderful! The colours are really doing their magic =)
    I would love to make one, too -- even though it looks like a LOT of WORK -- so could you please send me the pattern?