Sunday, 23 May 2010

WIPs and UFOs

UFOs... Unidentified Flying Objects...

When I first saw Crochet-Lovers using this term online, I had no idea what they were talking about.

They were usually talking about an item that was incomplete. They were also - usually - feeling unhappy about the project: it wasn't going well, it didn't look like it should, the pattern wasn't working, etc, etc.

Hmmmm... I thought to myself, well, maybe this is why it's "Unidentified" - the project has gone so skewwy that they can no long even identify what it was they'd started to make! An Unidentified Object.

And as for the Flying... well, that seemed obvious. If a crochet project was now so off-kilter that no one could even identify it, well, then, you'd throw it across the room in frustration! Wouldn't you?

An Unidentified, Flying Object.

Made sense to me, anyway. ;-)

I've since found out that UFO does NOT stand for Unidentified Flying-across-the-room Object, but does in fact stand for Un-Finished Object, a term that makes a LOT more sense. :-)

I Never Knew how many UFOs I could accumulate.

But now I'm starting to understand why the term exists.

However, I prefer to call them WIPs - a Work In Progress. Because, even if I haven't touched them for months, I like to think of them as somehow, in some way, still being
In Progress. If in no other way, then in my mind. They are progressing in my mind, and my thoughts and wishes to finish them keeps them alive and IN PROGRESS. :-)

So with that philosophy in mind, I'd like to share with you some of my WIPs (or UFOs if you prefer):

I have 50-odd tiny squares...

That I would love to turn into something like this:

And then I've made 4 of these so far:

in a lovely linen-cotton. I found the pattern online, but was first inspired by Lisette at HandMaid Liset. I'm planning to make a sort-of summery blanket, inspired by this beautiful one Lisette made:
"Dutch Glory" by HandMaid Liset

And then, ages ago, I started
this blanket. As you can see, it's not even cushion-sized yet, and hasn't been touched for months (doesn't mean I've forgotten it, though!):

This is from a pattern in Our Best Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts. In fact, it made the cover:

(That's also the book that has the pattern for Oliver's Rainsong Blanket.)

then there's lots of little projects, like the African Flowers bag that I'm trying to make. I have joined one of the six sides, trying to copy Susanne's bag. It's not the same (*sigh*) but I think it's might be okay...

This is the bag that I'm trying to replicate (I've shown you this before, but I just love it, so I want to show you again):
From Susanne Albertsson on Flickr.

I will explain each one in more detail in future blog posts; I don't really feel I should bother you with details until after they have progressed a little further!

But if you simply can't wait until I've finished them to find out more about them, please just leave a comment or send me an email. I'm more than happy to help if you have any questions about any of them. And, let's face it, it could be quite a while before I will have them all completed! :-)

So, as you can see, I am keeping myself rather busy! Shame I only have time for about 1 hour of crochet a day - if I'm lucky!

But keep on popping by and I promise I'll update you as each one eventuates into a

I'm off now to do another stripe on Oliver's Rainsong Blanket. Out of all my WIPs, it's the one that is the
most In Progress at the moment... :-)

Til next time,
Have a wonderful, busy, hooky day,
Caz :)


  1. That made me giggle Caz. I was the same with the term 'frogged' A project so bad you chucked it in a pond? In the end I had to google it. Imagine my blushes? The noise you make as you unravel a finished piece rippit rippit, just like frog!!! ;)

  2. Ohhh, is THAT why it's called "frogging"??! I knew what the term meant, but had no idea why it was called that! That makes so much sense, actually! I like your original interpretation, though! Hee hee! :-D

    Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the post,
    Caz :)

  3. Hi
    I really enjoy following your crochet adventures!!
    I'm a beginner crocheter - would you recommend "Best Baby Afghans"///


  4. Hi Gill, Thanks for stopping by!

    "Best Baby Afghans" is a great book. I love looking through it because it has many diverse ideas and styles of patterns, which was a real eye-opener for me when I first started to crochet. The patterns are in that traditional, punctuated style, so they can be confusing if you are a beginner. But the pattern codes/abreviations are explained in the back and there's also diagrams of all the stitches, so if you are patient, you can work it out.

    Good luck and keep in touch!
    Caz :)

  5. Caz, thanks so much for adding/mention me with my blanket! Of course it's oke! Good you find the pattern!!!!! Can't wait to see yours!
    x liset!!

  6. Thanks so much Lisette!!

    The pattern I found was a little different at the end so I had to work out the last rounds on my own. Please tell me, for the corners, how many chain stitches do you do? I'm worried that my corners are too round! :-P

  7. Hoi Caz!

    Mooi verhaal.
    Mijn tip: Doe één ding tegelijk!

    I'm glad I know now what 'frogged' means, I had no idea!

    ~X~ Karin

  8. I like have 2 WIPs at a time (and not more :-P !). I like to have 2 because sometimes I want a break from the stitch pattern of one project, but I still feel like doing some crochet, so I spend some time on the second project. It's like a break for my mind - especially when I'm working on a big thing like a blanket. I also like it when one of the 2 projects is easy and the other one is a bit more challenging. Know what I mean?

  9. I like having several WIP's at the same time. A few days this, a few days that one ... Different colors, different kinds of yarn.
    And next to 3, 4 WIP's, I have a lot of plans living in my mind.
    But you only have so much time, and you can only bu so much yarn at once ...

  10. Hehe! I am terrible for wip's I have several myself. As soon as an idea strikes me I have to start the project before finishing another lol.

  11. I'm a terrible one for getting a project started and then just leaving it hanging for years on end when the enthusiasm for it dies. I feel really bad about these poor UFOs so I'm trying to stick to small quick projects at the minute while I decide whether I should ditch some of my UFOs or knuckle down to them properly.

  12. Love your choice of colours! ^^ I've been planning to replicate that bag too, some day (all those projects!!). Glad I found my way here!