Monday, 31 May 2010


Last week I shared with you my collection of UFO's and WIP's.

Well, today I thought I should show you some of the F.O.'s that I have actually managed to complete in the eight months since I learnt to crochet. I plan to explain them in more detail in blog posts in the future:

I recently dabbled in baby hats (I have a couple of friends whose babies are due very soon!):

I found a hilarious pattern for Granny Square slippers! Yes, the former-granny-square-hater has not only made granny squares, but turned them into slippers! I kind of think they are soooo daggy/uncool/retro that they are almost groovy:

And I've done it not once, but twice!

I even tried some clothing! Here's a sneak peak of something I've just finished... this was taken half-way through:

I plan to blog about this one in my very next post, as it's all finished!

So, yes: in my defence! :-) sometimes I actually do finish something!

I really do like starting new things, though... :-)

Have a happy, hooky day,
Caz :)


  1. Love the slippers!

    This afternoon I will visit a friend who started crocheting, she needs some help...

    Have a great hooky day too!

    ~X~ Karin

  2. Too cute!!!!! I love the slippers they are ace.

  3. Thanks, guys! :-)

    The slippers pattern can be found for FREE at the Purl Bee (a great crochet and knitting website):

    You can also find the same pattern on Ravelry. :-)

  4. What a teaze - I would love to see more of the green one, please
    I love the little white hat and yes I agre totally, those slippers are so retro they are cool

  5. woh, what a great slippers and the african flower bag is also beautiful to

  6. Thank you sooo much for your kind comment! And, you are making such a lot of beautiful things too :))

    Have a nice evening!

  7. My Nana used to make those granny square slippers and I was just thinking about them recently! Thanks for the link to the pattern :)
    Love your beautiful projects!