Monday, 10 May 2010

New Projects!

I seem to enjoy starting projects more than finishing them. I'm also easily distracted and it's even easier when there's wonderful inspiration out there on Flickr and in Blogland.

Am I unique in this way? It's not really very efficient, is it? :-) And it's certainly not economical. Unless you're using up left-over "stash" (which, for this project, I am, except for that one ball I've used up half-way through, so I'll have to replace
that, but otherwise it was all in the house already...).

Anyway, this weekend just gone I decided to take a quick break from some of my bigger projects and amuse myself with something smaller:

I wanted to try all-white African flowers:
I was thinking of doing a 7-flower cushion. A couple of weeks ago I found a second-hand jumper that I could use for the backing.

I wanted the colours to be simple, but bold. And... Ta-DAH!

all joined up on Sunday night! From start to (sort of) finished in one weekend! I am getting faster at crochet! Yay! Hooray for me. :-)

So, now to finish the edging and make that cushion...


Now I'm getting side-tracked again...

I have
another idea...

I love, love,
love this bag. It's on the African Flowers pool on Flickr:

Bag, originally uploaded by Frualbertssons.

It's creator said she invented the pattern herself. Last night I stared and stared and stared at this picture. The longer I looked at it the more I understood how it all came together. I started to figure it out.

But could I
really replicate this design? Would I dare to try?

The cushion idea wasn't so interesting anymore. That jumper could sit in the cupboard, waiting for another time.

I really want to figure this out!

So, by my thinking, I'm going to need another 6 flowers...


Should I give it a go? What do you all think?

I think I'm going to. Give it a go, that is.

Stay tuned for updates. :-)

And in other news, another item distracted me this weekend:

I am so, so happy that I found these!

Footstools! Also known in Australia as Poufs! (Really!)

I have been admiring these ideas on Flicker. Aren't they great? What a great idea - to brighten up a dull old poof with some colourful crochet!

originally uploaded by zuglói lány.

Cat Sofa Ta-daa!, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Cat.

Hmmm... but I didn't have any dull old poufs to decorate.

That's why I was so happy to find these in Dollars and Cents (a discount warehouse/$2 shop) on the weekend. They were only $10 each. The lid comes off so they are also storage boxes, and they collapse so they can also be folded away if/when you don't need them. Cool, hey?

But, yes, rather cheap and ugly. At. The. Moment!

Can't wait to cover their lids! It's going to be fun! :-)

But for now, back to this bag idea... oh, yeah, and those blankets...

Til next time, have a bright and colourful day,
Caz :-)


  1. We call them poufs here in the UK too. What a great idea to cover them with grannies.

  2. You are certainly not on your own in starting new projects(take a gander at my blog you will see what I mean lol!) I have started stash busting but once again find I need to go shopping for new yarn! Can't wait to see your bag and pouf covers xxx

  3. mmmm... I like your blog, specially that cat sofa!!!
    I love crocheting also, please look at my blog, you're welcome. Excuses for my Englisch, that's not very good;-)
    Have a nice day, Aafke

  4. Flickr and Blogland certainly have a lot to answer for. I used to be a one project person, now ....... well enough said - way too many - the ideas in my head
    Love the footstool idea - oh no!!!!! Another one, but it is so very useful as storage oh no!!!!

  5. I am enjoying your crochet filled blog!!! I too just started crocheting - in January after finding Lucy's blog. And I have 4 or more projects started!

  6. Hi Caz,
    Thanks for popping over!
    I agree there is such a lot of beautiful work on Flickr. Always something new to see,
    Such talented ladies.
    Hugs to you Suex

  7. Brilliant projects and splendid ideas!
    This will keep you busy for quite some time! :)

  8. Love the bag! I also seem to start new projects whilst I have big projects on the go - distractions!

  9. Anna: It IS a cute bag, isn't it?

    I've been trying to work it out... those side pieces that hold the hexagons together is proving to be VERY tricky! I'll let you all know how I go!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets side-tracked while working on big projects! :-)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone! I LOVE hearing from you. You're all so awesome. :-)

    Caz x

  10. Caz
    If you look on the African Flower Group page, there is an illustration done by Elizabeth on how to do the "fan" that holds the hex's together....if that is what you mean by "those side pieces". I think she also has photos of them, or someone else does. I hope you continue and let us see the final result!!! It is never as complicated as one thinks!!!!
    Have a good weekend....see you on Flickr!!

  11. Hi Marilyn, Thanks for stopping by! So nice to see you here. :-)

    The "side pieces" I'm talking about are the ones on the bag above. It was made by a lady called Susanne - her Flickr id is "Frualbertssons".

    I have tried Elizabeth's "fan" before - one of my earlier posts has a cushion cover I made using it.

    If anyone has worked out how to finish up the bag I'm talking about, I'd love to hear from them! I've done one side of mine and it's kind-a the same, but not as nice!