Sunday, 4 April 2010

My African Flowers now have borders!

African Flowers now with borders, ready to make into a cushion, originally uploaded by Never Knew.

I find arranging these so difficult - making sure the colours are balanced and
well-mixed. Even now I can see one spot that I'd like to change. It will be interesting to see how they look once surrounded and joined in white.

I am going to try and make this arrangement into a round cushion, using Elizabeth Cat's "fan" pattern to fill in the gaps around the edge of the circle. I wanted to try making a smaller cushion, using only 14 flowers (as above).

Elizabeth always uses 19 flowers (like this one) and I've just realised why: because this creates a regular shape, with the same number of flowers on each side. My arrangement does not. :-(

Therefore I can't make my smaller version. I could make a small cushion using 7 flowers; it would look a bit like this:
and, as I have 14 already, I could, of course, make 2 of these!

But if I make just another 5 I can create a big one like Elizabeth's - and with my yarn it looks like it could end up really quite big, almost like a floor cushion.

I'm leaning towards the latter option. :-) So I'm off to work on those other 5 now. Then, finally, I can start joining them together.

Caz :-)


  1. Hi Caz
    I saw your photos over on Flickr and thought I would drop by. For someone who has just started crocheting you sure are doing well! Aren't the African Flowers fun to do? I am also part of the African Flower crowd over on Flickr and have loved watching all the different interpretations come in.
    There is a site where you will see the original flowers and you should take a look at them...they are amazing
    here is the link
    Anyway, welcome to the world of "hooking" and to blogland...enjoy!!!
    Marilyn in Va....ex-brit

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! And thanks for the link; I have seen it before - what a great project. They make wonderful things, don't they? And such wonderful yarns! :-)

  3. Hey Caz, welcome to blog land! Love the pretty flowers, going to have a go at those myself :-)

    emma x

  4. Found your photos on Flickr and thought I would pop in ☺
    Love the colour combinations. And your work looks great. Must have been "a duck to water" has your work is wonderful.