Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hello there! :-)

Welcome to my brand new blog. I hope that you enjoy browsing here.

The aim of my blog is to record my crochet projects; to show what I'm working on, and what yarns, etc I am using for each project. I know that when I browse the web with a specific project in mind, it's so nice to find someone else who has tried the same pattern, and to see how they are going with it. So my idea was to also help others in this way. If a google search has led you here, then hopefully you will find a project similar to your own, or an idea that might help or inspire you. That is my intention, anyway.

I hope you enjoy your time in this little blog.

Now to the task of uploading photos and sharing all the work I've been doing over the past six months! :-)

Caz :-)

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