Friday, 2 April 2010

Crochet African Flowers

I found these flowers - and the free pattern - on Flickr when I was browsing recently.

The pattern was provided by "Elizabeth Cat". The pattern can be found amongst the comments under this flickr photo.

I think the original idea was, when done in purples, these flowers look a lot like African Violets, but when done in any colour, they just look like pretty, pretty flowers.

Well, since trying out the pattern I have discovered how very fun and very easy it is! And in a short amount of time I have made over a dozen of these lovely flowers - enough to make a smallish, round cushion! I am very excited as it will be the first crochet cushion I have ever made, and one of the first crochet projects that I will have ever actually completed. :-)

Anyway, here are a few photos of my flowers. I really love how colourful they are. I love arranging them in a rainbow-like spectrum; just looking at them cheers me. :-)

More photos can be found on my new Flickr photo-stream. Yes, I was so excited by these that I finally made a flickr account and added these to the Crocheting African Flowers group! My name on Flickr is, of course, Never Knew, and I will be adding links on there to this blog.

Hope you like my flowers and I hope you have a wonderful, colourful day.
Caz :-)


  1. Nice work Cath!! I love a good blog, although I'm not sure that I would have signed up to a crochet-themed one if not for you. Looking forward to your creations!


  2. great job you did with the flowers ,i also love the shades you have in them

  3. LOVE IT ! You should join our Ravelry swap!

    Now I'd love to see some bag tutorials for these babies :)