Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chevron Cardigan - Finished!

Well, it's been a l-o-n-g time between posts, but I am here now, and very excited to share the news that my cardigan is finished and is a "wearable"!  And, therefore, a success!

My cardi getting blocked
The sleeves worked out in the end; I pulled out the one that was flared and tried again.  At first it all seemed to hard and I put the whole project aside for a while.  But it was while reading a discussion on Ravelry, (from a CAL back in 2009!) that my problem was revealed to me.  Someone wrote about their pattern repeats: Hmmm. I count 4 sets on one sleeve and 5 on the other…..  This simple comment, written way back in 2009, but stored in Ravelry (Ravelry is AWESOME!) showed me the light.  I had another look and saw that, indeed, this was the problem.  So I had to fudge the start of the sleeve, continually referring to the other one, until I had managed to create a round with 4 pattern repeats, and a joining stitch that matched the other side.  (I don't think where I joined the rounds was quite the way it was explained in the pattern, but it worked, and was the same on both sides, so I went with it!)

After that, it was plain sailing!  The bodice went very quickly.  I changed to a 6mm hook for the waist/below the bust area, and after that changed back to a 6.5mm hook so it fitted more easily over my hips.

And I think it looks great!  And it feels great on - I love wearing it!

So, do you want to see?  Okay, here goes...


The trim was another tricky point.  I read up on other people's projects (I'll say it again: Ravelry is AWESOME!) and I saw one that I really like (see it on Ravelry here) used slip-stitches instead of single crochet on her edge/trim.  Now, that might sound simple, but a quick Google search on slip-stitches revealed to me that there is a whole world out there of slip-stitch crochet, and really interesting stuff it is, too.  But that's for another post, another time, me thinks.  :-)  You see, there are all different ways to do slip-stitches, which left me unsure what to do on my cardi; what did this lady mean by "I just did several rows of slip-stitch"??  I finally decided, after trying a few things, to simply slip-stitch the "normal" way - through both loops - and after about 6 (?) rows, I was happy with my edge.

Then the buttons... I'm still not 100% sure about these... I'm thinking of changing them to a simple black... what do you all think?

But it is DONE, it fits, it is wearable, it doesn't look too granny-ish or hideous.  And I have even dared to wear it in public.  I am out and proud with my crochet!  :-)

I am so glad I have finally found some time to hop on here, type this, and share this with you.  I have missed my blogging very much, but paid-work and life-in-general crop up an awful lot at my place, and get in the way of my blog.  I hope you don't all mind too much that I've been away for so long.

As you might have noticed (!), I am a big fan of Ravelry, and I'm finding myself over there more and more.  It is a great way to share projects quickly and simply.  So if you're ever wondering what I'm up to, look for me over there as I am going to get all my projects updated on Ravelry very soon.  (My profile name is NeverKnew.)

But I still love my blog and I do want to keep it going (as well as being on Ravelry). I am going to try and not over-think my posts too much (I tend to do that) and try and keep them quick, brief, simple.  Hopefully I will be able to share with you more often, then.

Because I do have a lot more crochet to share.  Oh, boy, do I ever.  I haven't had time to blog lately (sometimes not even time to read other blogs I love! *sniff!*) but I always find time to crochet.  Even if it's just 10 minutes before bed, I try to crochet every day.  I need to crochet every day.  This is why my blog is called Never Knew.  I Never Knew that crochet would become such a huge part of my life, my daily zone-out wind-down, and also such a trigger for creativity.  I don't know (now) how I ever lived without it.

So I will see you all soon, with more crochet to share.  I would love to know what you think of my cardi; your comments are always welcome.  :-)
Till next time, have a happy, hooky day,
Caz :)


  1. Very nice - looks good on you. :)

  2. Hi my friend, I have a beautiful bolero yakışmış bye into the hands of health care use and patterns, I love you, and loves to talk again I'm watching your blog added to your favorites.

  3. Your new cardi looks great, very stylish. I'm another Ravelry fan, spend WAY TOO many hours lost looking at patterns and queueing them and faving them :-)

  4. Hey good to see you post! I have the same problem, I tend to drift from this and that and not get around to blogging. It's fun though. You're cardigan looks great! I'm too intimidated to try clothes so bravo to you.

  5. Your cardigan is great! I like the buttons too, very stylish :)

  6. Fabulous! I tried this pattern too, but couldn't figure out the sleeves at all. Your's looks amazing and I think I'll now have to give it another try.

  7. It's fantastic, I love it! You should be proud to wear it in public! I'm interested in this whole new world of slip stitching, I didn't know it existed either so I look forward to that post!

  8. Wow, it looks amazing, Caz! Congrats on your new cardi, such an inspiration to me! Thank you for the links, they help so much if I decide to give it a go!!! Awesome work!
    Great week ahead to you! xo

  9. Well done for finishing! It looks great. I want to make one of these one day - must remember this post with all its handy tips and links :-)

  10. Awww... shucks, folks! :-) Thanks for all the lovely comments! I have worn it lots of times, now, and I really love it. If you have been thinking about trying this pattern: definitely give it a go! :)

  11. Beautiful !!

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