Friday, 29 April 2011

Ummm... that doesn't look right...

My crochet cardigan is coming along nicely... generally speaking... but I have hit a little hiccup.

Here it is with a little bit of the bodice... looking good (if I do say so myself!) and fitting quite well...

I then continued to work on the sleeves.  There was one tricky bit - where the sleeves meet at the end of each round.  I really didn't get it but I just sort-a fudged it and the stitches there look a little different (it's like there are 2 "valleys" (decrease stitches) side by side) but no matter as it's on the underside of the sleeve... no one should see it... and, anyway, this cardi is for me, and if I don't care, why would anyone else?

It started out okay...

But... something strange started to happen, and I suspect it's related to my "fudging".  The sleeve was slowly getting wider all the way along my arm.  I wondered if maybe this happens in the pattern to everyone.  I decided I would press on regardless ... maybe a flared sleeve would look nice anyway.

Right sleeve (flared)

BUT... when I worked on the second sleeve... hmmmm... this is MOST odd.  I think (I believe) that I am joining this sleeve exactly as I did the other one, in my strange, slightly-made-up method, but this time the sleeve is NOT growing.  Not getting wider.  In fact, it looks quite nice, all fitted and snug.

Left sleeve (fitted)


So, what now?

I guess I will have to rip out the first sleeve, and try again?  I will have a very, very close look.  Try and see where the sleeves look different to each other.

I hope I can work out where I went wrong - because if I can't... I'll have 2 very different sleeves!!  :-P

Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks so much, by the way, for all the wonderful comments I have been receiving of late.  So glad you like my crochet cardigans.  Some readers mentioned that they were thinking of looking up the pattern I am using for this cardigan.  I thoroughly recommend it!  (Pattern can be found - for free! - here, and info on Ravelry here.)  It is very easy to follow and very well explained and there are lots of pictures to help you along the way.

Also check out this link on Ravelry (if you are registered on Ravelry, if not, you should join - it's great!) - there was a CAL (crochet-a-long) for this cardigan back in 2009.  Although it was a while back, there is still heaps of info on that forum and you can search through the posts to find discussions on the areas in which you are confused/interested.  And a more recent CAL discussion can be found on Ravelry here.  Actually, now that I mention it, I might pop over there again now and see if anyone else had this problem with the sleeves!  :-)

Until next time,
Have a happy, hooky day,
Caz :)


  1. Hello Caz, It looks already fab to me. How frustrated that the sleeves are not the same. But I am sure that you will fix it.

    Have a nice day,

  2. The cardi is looking great, hope you manage to figure out the sleeves, xx

  3. How annoying for you! I hope you work it out. It's looking really great otherwise :)

  4. This has been top of my to-do-list on Rav for ages. Yours is looking great, especially when you work the sleeve shape out

  5. Hi Caz, your cardi looks great! I love the color you choose too! Such another inspiring thing you've made! Hope the sleeves will be fixed soon!
    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog, I do appreciate and am really happy!
    Take care and have a wonderful day!
    Love and hugs, xoxo

  6. Well, I must say that you are super clever firstly for even making a main item of clothing... something I have not yet dared to try! I made some slippers last week and had to make 3 as one was way bigger than the other!

    Love it anyway!!

  7. Hi Caz,
    Just popping by to say Hello! Hope you are doing well and hope you have a great week ahead!!!
    Lovestitch, xo

  8. Hi Lovestitch, nice to hear from you. Guess what? I am working on your Ridge Hat with Brim pattern right now, tonight, just as I hear from you! Cool, hey?!

    Thank you, everyone, for you lovely messages and comments!

    Yes, I am well and I have been very busy with work. My blog has been sadly neglected of late. :-( But I am on holidays at the moment so will be updating you all on here very soon! The cardigan has worked out and looks great, and I have other WIPs to share as well! :-)

    "See" you all soon,
    Caz :)