Tuesday, 26 April 2011

For Wills and Kate

In my head I am a republican but in my heart I am a monarchist.  :-)  Especially when there is a royal wedding on the way.  I am a sucker for all things grand and royal, especially when they involve handsome princes and beautiful soon-to-be princesses.

I remember when Prince William was born - I was about 8 years old at the time - and there was (almost) as much fuss and excitement here in Oz as there was in the UK.  I remember thinking that I might be a little bit old for him, but, still, I could marry him one day.  It was possible.  :-)

Well, now, 29 years on, it turns out that it was not to be for me and Will.  But he did, indeed, choose a "common" girl*, and a lovely one at that.  And another Catherine, to boot!  (See, it really could have been me!)  I thoroughly approve, Will.  (I'm sure he's pleased to know that.)

And the fact that Kate is an ordinary girl, that it could have been you or me, makes the royal wedding seem all the more exciting to me.  A little bit of fairytale fantasy still (oddly!) exists in this very practical, modern world.

So my romantic, monarchist leanings got the better or me and I was even taken over by some granny goodness (Michelle must be having an influence on me!) and I have started creating this cushion cover.  The pattern was cleverly created by Michelle over at the Royal Sisters and can be purchased at her shop.  I actually won my copy of the pattern in one of Michelle's wonderful give-aways and now is the perfect time to pull it out and give it a go.

The pattern is created using tapestry crochet, where you work with multiple colours at once, crocheting over the colours you don't need (so they are hidden behind the work) and then changing over to the next colour that you want as you go.  This means there are very few ends to weave in, but the balls of wool can get a little twisted as you go along!

It is a great pattern and Michelle has explained everything clearly and in meticulous detail, so it is not at all difficult to follow.

I plan to finish my cushion cover while watching the live coverage of the wedding on Friday night (my local time).  I will be camped out in front of the telly with crochet, wine, and nibbles, and will be soaking up every grand, historic moment while hooking away.
So, do you think my finished cushion will look good on Wills and Kate's sofa?  Anyone know exactly what address I should send it to?  I want to make sure they get it.  I'm sure they would love it and I must be the only person who has thought to send them such a thing.  ;-)

Happy Royal Wedding, everyone!
Caz :)

*common girl - being a girl whose family could afford to send her to posh schools and universities.  But common, all the same.  :-)


  1. caz....
    Lovely to see your gorgeous pics of a very royal cushion indeed...
    And thanks for letting me know that it's called "tapestry" crochet...I had no idea...
    I just sought of "winged" it...
    P.s...I am sure Will would have swept you off your feet if he had meet you...

  2. Lovely cushion Caz, I have made this too. We will be joining you on Friday. Apparently some ancester of Catherine set up a fund to send them to decent schools. We are getting alot of tv programmes on her family tree and royal weddings in general. See you on the big day.

  3. Michelle and Louise - thanks for popping by and leaving such lovely comments!

    I have seen your cushion, Lou, it's great! I just hope I actually get mine finished.

    And Michelle, so sweet of you to say that about Will! Ha ha. And thanks again for this wonderful pattern!

    Enjoy the Royal Wedding - it's all so exciting and romantic, isn't it?! *sigh*

  4. Oh so beautiful! I just love love love it!!! Such a great work Caz! :)

  5. Oh wow, this is really lovely! What a great pattern.
    I don't think it could have been any one of us, she's certainly not common, more like extremely rich!