Monday, 11 April 2011

Crochet Clothing Projects Part 1 - A "Shracket"

Okay, this is long overdue. I have wanted to write about my attempts at crocheting clothing for AGES. In fact, this post has been in draft for so long, it has been hard to put it all together today. (So my apologies if it's all a bit ... bitsy.)

But I really do want to document what I've done so far... and try and keep it into some sort of chronological order.

So here goes, with the very first crochet garment I ever tried - way back in February 2010 (yes, more than a year ago!).

So, this is a “shracket” – a shrug crossed with a jacket – that I made for my daughter. I found the pattern while browsing on Ravelry and was most intrigued – mainly because everyone kept saying they found it amazingly quick and easy. That’s my kind of clothing project – quick and easy. :-)

So I dabbled with it and modified the size and I came up with this one for my daughter. By using 8ply yarn and a 10mm hook, it worked out to be just the right size for her. I was particularly chuffed because I made it in just 2 days and with one ball (100g) of yarn, and the yarn was from a discount shop and cost only $2.50. A jacket for $2.50 – how cool is that. And my first ever crochet garment to boot.

My daughter liked it but her first comment was, "Mum, it won't keep me warm, there are holes all over it!" She is, in fact, correct, and it only really works with a long-sleeved top underneath. (And where we live it is rarely cold enough to need more than a long-sleeve t-shirt!) :-) I really liked the pattern and enjoyed making Rosie's, so I decided to take the plunge and make a grown-up one for myself.

I'll tell you more about that one next time - stay tuned for "part 2"!! :-)

Caz :)


  1. cute can not wait to see part two.

  2. Lovely, well done! I've already seen part two, but when I went to comment the post was gone! I love your long length shracket!