Monday, 3 May 2010

... and then I found the Lucy Bag - my second completed project

After attempting the string bag in this post, I felt a little discouraged by the final size, and decided I needed to return to Google to find other patterns and ideas. And then I found Attic24. As I mentioned in this post, Lucy's blog was a wonderful surprise and showed me a side of crochet I hadn't know existed: crochet that was full of colour, of rainbows, of soft yarns, and ... my favourite patterns of hers were free of granny squares! (As you may have read in my blog below, I was trying to avoid what I saw as "old style" crochet such as granny squares!)
Anyway, this beautiful bag by Lucy (above) fitted my criteria: a nice, big bag, colourful, bright, not a granny square in sight. And a free, step-by-step, photo-by-photo pattern. How could I go wrong? I couldn't - and I didn't - I was able to follow her instructions to the letter and only a month after learning the basic stitches, was able to make this bag! All by myself - with Lucy guiding me all the way! :-)

My apologies for these next few photos. They were taken with my mobile phone but they are the only ones I have of these stages:

First I managed the circle...

I was a little unsure about joining at the end of each round, but I decided to be brave and just try it; it worked out in the end...

Then I stopped the increases and it magically started creating the sides...

It started to look "bag-ish":

And then the straps. I was worried they'd be too short so of course they ended up way too long! Oh well, I sewed them on further down the bag to try and fix that problem.

Then I tried the flowers Lucy suggested: another free, step-by-step tutorial, so patiently explained so that even a beginner like me could work it out...

And then, finally, it was all put together!
Thank you, Lucy, thank you! Lucy's clear explanation and excellent photos really did tutor, guide, and mentor to me and I am so very grateful - and happy! - because I now can do so much with my hook and yarn. :-)

So here are the details:

Pattern: Crochet Bag on Attic24, aka the "Lucy Bag" :-)
Pattern source: Crochet Bag Pattern
on Attic24
Carnival Soft 8ply (DK weight?) acrylic - 80g balls
Hook: 4mm
Dimensions: bigger than I expected - about 36cm diameter across the base and 36cm up the sides- but it's big and floppy so it looks a lot bigger than that when it's stuffed with yarn! :-)
Date commenced: October, 2009
Date completed: actual bag - November, 2009; straps and flowers - December, 2009
My reflection: A great pattern for beginners and the tutorial makes it fool-proof. I'd like to try this again one day in a cotton and see if that keeps it more compact - less baggy and floppy. But it serves its purpose beautifully and it was a very pleasurable experience making it. If you're looking for a bag to try - this one is great!

I use this bag for all the shades of yarn I'm using for another project - and it's another Lucy pattern, of course! Her patterns/tutorials are the perfect place for a beginner to start when trying to teach oneself using internet links. :-)

So more about that WIP next time.

I hope you find these details helpful if you've been looking into doing this project. Please feel free to leave questions or comments below - I love hearing from you. :-)

Hope you are all having a happy, wonderful, rainbow-coloured day.
Until next time,
Caz :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations!!!
    You've made a beautiful bag. I know, it feels great when you are finished. You HAVE to look at it all the time. Hahahaa!

    May I ask what you mean by "date completed" november and december 2010?

    I have a suggestion for your next bag:
    Use a thick yarn and a smaller hook than recommended. It makes the bag compact.
    Have you seen my Lucy-bag? It's still the same as it was when I crocheted it, but I must admit the lining will do its job too!

    Have a great day!
    ~X~ Karin

  2. Wonderful Lucy bag Caz! It's a fab pattern isn't it? And so satisfying to see it evolve from flat circle to bag. I store my yarn in mine and have it on display all the time.

    Sue xx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Karin: Opps! I meant Nov and Dec 2009! I will have to edit that above - thanks for telling me! :-P

    And, yes, I have seen your bag - I remember the beautiful floral lining you added. Yours looks more compact than mine - is that because you used a smaller hook? I must try that next time. Thanks for the ideas. :-)

    And Sue: yes, it is groovy watching the sides evolve. I have also seen a very similar idea using parcel string and it turns into a nice sturdy bowl. Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

  4. Well done! A great project completed - I love my Lucy bag and have it hanging on a hook filled with yarn by my craft desk. What will be your next project? **Kim**x

  5. Anyone who is a follower of Luc and Elizabeth, is worth my time. You blog is great. Nice job and you are making a good start here. Keep it up.


  6. just found you via elizabeth cat!!
    i'm a beginner too and your enthusiasm is just what i need!!!
    i'm off to look at lucy's bag


  7. Fantastic bag! I love the colors and the shape. You have a very nice blog and I enjoyed browsing. Regarding t-shirts for can use t-shirts with side seams but I recommend that you run the seam a couple of times through the sewing machine to reinforce them prior to cutting. If you choose not to, you may have breakage in your yarn at the seams. Sometimes the seams are very strong and sewn well and will not break apart but it varies from shirt to shirt. The little tabs left from the seams can be used as a decorative design or can be tucked into the back of your work if you do not want it to show. I like it both ways. HTH

  8. I rediscovered the joys of crochet true Attic24. Lucy is amazing and she transmits her love of crochet so well through her blog. Her tutorials are incredibly patient and simple and as you said, even a first time crocheter can follow them and come out the other end with a fantastic looking item.
    Your bag is gorgeous and good luck on your discovery voyage through crochet.

    Angel :)

  9. Your bag is realy lovely.You have done really well for only having croched for such a short time.
    I made one in cotton & its great!Its been my summer bag this year & I also am so pleased I made it.