Saturday, 28 August 2010

Yarn, Glorious Yarn!

I ordered this wonderful bundle of yarn online a few months ago. It is Paton's Smoothie - an acrylic, DK/8ply weight yarn that has a wonderful, silky feel to it. I absolutely love it so I was surprised to hear that it has been discontinued. Seems a shame, but the upside is that I could get it online for a great price! :-)

This yarn is for yet another project to add to my collection - and, yes, it's for yet another blanket! But this one is for a special ocassion, and that gives me the motivation to get on with it and get it DONE - all the way to the end - ASAP.

Well, things are crazy-busy here as usual, so I must dash, but I'll share more about this project soon as it has gone really well, and is - indeed - almost FINSIHED!!

Have a happy, hooky day,
Caz :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about sharing my crochet top with you - the one that I wrote about here - but it's rather a long story and the post I've started writing is becoming quite complicated! I do tend to ramble... and over-think things! :-D but I will keep working at it, try and simplify what I've written and upload a post about it all soon. :-)


  1. Lovely colours. I can't wait to see your project.

  2. Beautiful colours Caz!

    Je gaat er een mooie deken van maken. Ik ben nieuwsgierig....


  3. Very nice colours! And some new yarn is always lovely!

  4. I especially like that deep claret colour - it's sooo lovely x

  5. What a beautiful colors,I like it :))

  6. Really beautiful yarns, will be nice to see what kind of blanket you will make this time.

  7. Oh boy, new yarn and the colors are terrific.

  8. Visiting here via The Quince Tree and absolutely fell in love with your Riversong blanket - what a beautiful effect from the combination of colours. If that doesn't inspire me to have a go at crochet soon, I don't think anything will!! Congratulations on a beautiful creation.

  9. nice blanquet.. i have tried to use thhis tipe pf scotish way by sarah london, but i have aproblem with the finishing,,, what do you do if you want to do a pillow case, what about the fringe. well i tried but...